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signage script The Carpenter (a script family in the style of Mercury Script). View Emil Bertell's typefaces. Lolita (connected script Funghi Mania (mushroom dingbats Funghi Mania Script, Darlington (very open upright connected script family Archipelago ( Caps : an upright connected script Tower (pieces that enable one to modularly construct towers when stacked; created as a school. MyFonts link, opened in 2009, where one can buy 080203, 3 The Hard Way Overrun, 3 The Hard Way RMX, Adios Gringo, Depth Charge, FT Helsingfurt, FT Roundabout, FT Scandinavian Titan, FT Twisted Ontogenesis, Ice Cream Soda, Kings Garden, Kolari. Typefaces from 2013:. Typefaces from 2016: Jazz Script, Fragola (sign painting font Syrup (sign painting font Cosmopolitan (monoline connected script Bluebell (copperplate calligraphic script Inkston (vernacular brush script together with the standard hand-crafted sans and text styles Beaujolais (brush script Black Script (a. Typefaces from 2015: HMS Gilbert (a collection of 14 hand-crfated vintage types Lager (a signage script family with adaptable swashes and other opentype goodies Vanilla Shot, Journey (a smooth and elegant vintage script family of four weights and a matching ornament. In 2012, he created Salamander Script, Taiga (connected upright script Mercury Script (a set of upright connected script typefaces Slim Tony (a bubblegum retro signage face) and Mercury Ornaments. Emil has been studying graphic design at University of Art Industrial Design in Helsinki since 2004. Elixir, Maestri (a classical connected scrupt by Teo Tuominen and Emil Karl Bertell Popcorn (brush script Cherry (signage script Goodwater, Signature Script, Kingfisher (a beer botle signage script Sonder (brush script). Fonts made in 2004: Scandinavian Titan white, Scandinavian Titan, Acid Test 2, Acid Test (texture typefaces 080203, Letters11, Linja, Projects, Rock it, Simpletype. Typefaces from 2018: Aster Script, Audrey (a monoline script and sans duo Galatea (a sans family Double Porter (a font collection with scripts, sans, and grunge faces thrown in the mix Matchstick, Fruitos, Corner Deli (a layerable. Fenotype, a Finnish typefoundry, has the original (often techno) designs. In 2006: Rock It Deluxe (grunge Cassette (dingbats Kings Garden (Japanese trees as dingbats). Typefaces made in 2002: Disco (prismatic Lakmus, Valimo, futu, Test1, Foton Torpedo, Cheaptype, Personal Computer, Copycut, Unicode 0024, HKI Metro, HKI NightLife, Digital Kauno, Fenotravels (dingbats Tivoli, Kosmonaut, 10124, JouluFonttiFenotype, Testi, 1laitos, 1120, 0629 (2002, a kitchen tile font 0927, 0210, FTdingsprevi, Fenotypedings#lego3. Additions in 2010: Linguine (connected script FT Telegraph ( slab serif FT Brush, FT Industry Machine, FT Giorgio, Killer Elephant (signage FT Supervisor (retro FT Dead Mans Diary (scribbly FT Grandpa Script (grunge calligraphy FT Stamper (angular lettering. 1983, Helsinki) and his brother Erik Bertell and wife Kea Bertell.


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